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With powerful filtration technology, constant disinfection and hands-free dispensing options, Culligan bottleless water coolers are the healthier, safer choice for drinking water.
Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers
  • Increased Safety Measures – New bottleless water coolers feature hands-free dispensing to improve safety and limit direct contact with shared surfaces. Certain models also come with a UV light or ozone technology for continuous sanitizing and disinfection.
  • Cost Savings – Bottleless water coolers provide great-tasting filtered water for approximately $0.02/gallon. These savings add up when compared to the average price per 5-gallon water bottle ($1+/gallon). And because bottleless water coolers connect directly to your water supply, you don't need to pay for ongoing delivery contracts.
  • Better for the Environment – The virtually unlimited supply from a bottleless water cooler rids your home or workplace of plastic bottle waste, which means fewer bottles in our landfills and oceans.
  • Improved Taste and Expansive Options – Culligan bottleless water coolers make crisp and refreshing drinking water readily available. Plus, our reverse osmosis filtration technology reduces up to 99% of harmful contaminants, including lead, arsenic, nitrates and more.
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